Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Philippines!!!

Thanks to the idiot who stole my wallet last summer, I didn't get to go anywhere for vacation. This year I decided to go big...and alone. I had been super stressed with work and being homesick, I needed to go somewhere where I could just relax and not worry about anyone else having a good time. My friend Emily (O.G.) went to this awesome resort in the Philippines with her mom last February and had a great time. I decided to check out the website, and it looked like the perfect place for me to I booked a trip for a week at Sangat Island. I flew to Manila and then had to fly to the island of Coron. Now, there are about 7,000 islands in the Philippines. When I got to immigration, the officer had no idea where I was going haha. I then got on the smallest plane ever for the 30 minute flight to the island. I got to the airport, if you could call it that lol. It had 2 gates: This little guy welcomed us all to the airport: When I got to the island, I met a rep from the island and had to take a 30 minute car ride to the port. It was quite an interesting ride. We had to stop a couple times because there were animals in the road. The bridges were made from plywood and 2x4's. I thought I was going to die lol. Then I had a 35 minute boat ride to take. I was put on a boat with 3 people who work on the island. I was a bit nervous at this time...what the hell is going to happen to me? What kind of situation did I get myself into? If I hadn't known someone who had been here before, I would have really been freaked out. Anyway, the water was pretty choppy and apparently there was a storm coming, so I was forced to wear this: I finally got to the island and was brought to my room, which was AMAZING. You walked out the door and there was the beach.

I also had a little friend who came to visit on occasion. The island was beautiful. I mostly spent the days relaxing, but I did go on a snorkeling trip one day. I joined a wonderful family on this trip. They were very kind and treated me like a family member. We stopped at 5 different islands to go snorkeling. I've heard people describe crystal clear ocean water, but seeing it for yourself is indescribable. I also did some sea kayaking. It's quite enjoyable! Sadly, all good things must come to an end, including this fantastic vacation. I had an amazing time and felt refreshed and ready to get back to work...yeah right!

OH! I almost forgot my favorite photos!

Love you all!

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